Hicham and Ali Aboutaam: Custodians of the Past, Guides for the Future

Collectors acquire art for several different reasons. Some buy to beautify their surroundings, to decorate their homes with things that enhance the world their daily lives. Some collect for status and others to show off their knowledge and taste. But appreciating and collecting ancient art has an added, deeper dimension, one which Ali and Hicham Aboutaam never tire of explaining. Of course, collecting is about beauty and appreciation of design and style, but it is also about heritage, history, posterity, legacies and more. The owner is really but a trusted guardian of an object, preserving it for generations to come. No one really a??ownsa?? an antiquity; one is merely a caretaker.

Gallery Exhibit At Phoenix Ancient Art

The Geneva branch of Phoenix Ancient Art will be opening a new exhibit from October 29 and to extend until November 25, 2009. Ali and Hicham Aboutaam cordially invite you to visit and enjoy:


DivinitA?s FA?minines des Civilisations MA?diterranA?ennes

Roughly translated as Goddesses: Feminine Deities of Mediterranean Civilisations.

“The Geneva Gallery is located at 6, rue Verdaine. The Aboutaams hope to see you there.

Phoenix Ancient Art Displays at International Show

Late Roman Bust

Hicham Aboutaam will be representing Phoenix Ancient Art at Phoenixa??s booth at the International Fine Art and Antique Dealers Show this autumn. Among the stars of his booth is what the New York Times describes as a??a bigger-than-life ancient Roman sculpture of a muscular mana??s torso smoothly carved from green basalt anchors the Phoenix Ancient Art booth.a??

Other beautiful, rare and unique artworks you will be privileged to see on view include ancient Egyptian sculptures, antique armor and weaponry, jewelry, glassware paintings and much, much more. from the ancient world, antique armor and weaponry, masks from Africa, rugs, jewelry, glassware, clocks, modern paintings as well as old, plus much, much more. When visiting the show, be sure to stop by Phoenix Ancient Art and say hi to Hicham Aboutaam. It will be his pleasure to show you his treasures.