Mesopotamia:Birthplace of Civilization

Sumerian Mesopotamian Head
Sumerian Mesopotamian Head

Ancient Mesopotamia was the birthplace of western civilization. At Phoenix Ancient Art one can explore the beauty and culture of that civilization at the dawn of recorded history, some 8,000 years ago, in the part of the world that is now modern day Iraq, part of Syria and Iran. Phoenix Ancient Art has for sale many astoundingly beautiful ancient artworks from the a??land between the rivers,a?? the Tigris and Euphrates, from which Mesopotamia gets its name.

One example is a Sumerian limestone head of a man, dating from the Early Dynastic II-III period of about 2800-2334 B.C.E.. Although the head itself is fragmentary; the left half of the face shows roundedness suggestive of chubbiness, and almond shaped eye-sockets from which the inlaid eyes are missing. The face has arched eyebrows, a short nose with wide nostrils and thin lips, which bear a restrained smile. The head is adorned with wavy hair and a thin hair band is worn across the top.

Travel Through Time at Phoenix Ancient Art

A visit to the galleries of Phoenix Ancient Art is like traveling though time to the dawn of Western civilization. Through the beautiful antiquities on view at Phoenix we can travel over thousands of years and thousands of miles to visit the sources of todaya??s art and religion. The Aboutaam brothers will be your guide to objects as old as the 6th millennium BCE and as a??recenta?? as the 14th century AD. Your trip will include stops at the Iberian peninsula, Egypt, the Near East, Central and Northern Europe, the Balkans, Eurasia, Southeast Asia and the Indus River Valley, where the first major Indian civilization flourished.

Perhaps you will fall in love and buy one of these fine antiquities as a souvenir of your travels. In any event, you will be glad that you came.