Old Art: New Money

Many investors who look for ways to diversify their portfolios are investing in art and antiques. Hicham Aboutaam, owner of Phoenix Ancient Art, says that buying ancient art is one way of expanding onea??s financial horizons without necessarily breaking the bank.

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Click on the link above to listen to his interview on Bloomberg, during which he talks about the joy of collecting antiquities and how the increasing scarcity of Classical Antiquities makes them valued assets.

Association Pour La??art En Vielle Ville – AW. Features Phoenix Ancient Art

Cycladic Goddess
Cycladic Goddess

In late October, 2009, the Old City of Geneva celebrated its [newly revived appearance] with an art show featuring 16 local amidst the regular permanent GENEVA galleries such as Bang and Olufsen, and Michael Castellino, who showed an unknown local Geneva artist by the name of Philippe Jaccard.

The center of the fair was Phoenix Ancient Art on Verdaine Street. Especially prominent in the gallery was the exhibition, a??Goddessesa??, lovingly exhibited by proprietors Ali and Hicham Aboutaam. A visit to Phoenix Ancient Art can be as enjoyable as a visit to an art museum, with the added bonus of no admission charge.

Some of the ancient art on view at Phoenix is even more marvelous than what is found in many museums. After all, what public institution has anything like this incredible marble statuette from the Cyclades which somehow, by some miracle, is completely intact?