Horses on Exhibit at Phoenix Ancient Art

Geneva Branch of Phoenix Ancient Art Opening New Exhibit

Entitled a??Le Cheval dans l'AntiquitA?” the latest exhibition at the Geneva branch of Phoenix Ancient Art is already in full swing. Having already had its opening on April 30, it will run all together for two months, closing on June 30, 2010.

Hicham Aboutaam, proprietor of Phoenix Ancient Art, helped to organize this unique celebration of the role of the horse in ancient society in a variety of artworks from antiquity. The exhibition will feature many works from many different times and cultures, all coming together to tell the special story of mana??s unique relationship to the horse.

Whether they are wild or domesticated, working for us or helping us play, societya??s love, fascination, dependence and attachment to the horse has been recorded since ancient times in the art that civilizations have produced throughout the ages.

Hicham Aboutaam and his brother Ali invite you to come and participate in this special exhibit which will be happening until June 30 at the Geneva branch of Phoenix Ancient Art, 6 rue Verdaine, Geneva, Switzerland.

Phoenix Ancient Art Joins Gallery Walk

On Saturday May 15, 2010 Hicham Aboutaam and Phoenix Ancient Art will be participating in the third annual Madison Avenue Gallery Walk. The Gallery Walk features 50 galleries on Madison Avenue and supports arts education via the Fund for Public Schools.

Free tours will be led by the faculty members of New York City public schools through the world renowned galleries of Madison Avenue. Beginning at 11am tours will commence each hour from the Event Information Centers which will be set up in the Fuller Building-Vornado Realty Trust and in the Arader Galleries.A? The final tour will begin at 4pm.

The galleries, including Phoenix Ancient Art, are all found on a one-mile stretch of Madison Avenue, between 57th Street and 83rdth Street on the East Side of Manhattan. Some of the galleries are located on the side streets, but not more than half a block from Madison.

Monies raised by the Gallery Walk will be used to help The Fund for Public Schools so that it can support arts education in New York City public schools.

There will also be a scavenger hunt all day. The hunt is family oriented and the winners will receive a 2 for one admission to the Whitney Museum of American Art. Guides and more information for the scavenger hunt will be available at either of the information centers.

Phoenix Ancient Art, as well as many of the other galleries on the walk, will be offering talks and discussions throughout the day.



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Phoenix Ancient Art and the Neolithic Era

Hicham Abouttam and his brother Ali Aboutaam, joint owners of Phoenix Ancient Art, offer their clients the opportunity to bid for antique arts from the Neolithic Era through to the 14th century.A? Otherwise known as the New Stone Age, this was a time when human technology was in its early developmental stages.A? It followed the Holocene Epipalaeolithic Age which led to the Neolithic Revolution.A? The Neolithic Era more accurately describes a certain set of cultures and behavior traits, as opposed to a specific historical time and thus antique art is an example of this Era.

E-Tiquities and Art Collectors

For anyone who has an eye and a heart for antiques, Phoenix Ancient Art, working with its online partner e-Tiquities, would be a good place to start.A? The Abouttama??s sell both a??rare and exquisite works of art from ancient civilizationsa?? spanning many centuries, that make an antique collectora??s dreams come true.A? At their e-Tiquities site, one will find pieces from many eras, including the following:A? Anatolian, Byzantine, Cypriot, Dark Age, Egyptian, Geometric and Orientalizing Greek, Hellenistic, Islamic, Mesopotamian, Persian, Roman, Sardinian, and Syrian.