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Carnelian Bezel Gold Ring
Carnelian Bezel Gold Ring

Have you always wanted to peruse the world of antiquities, butA? without leaving your house? Beginning on May 1st, 2009 all you need is a computer with internet to travel back to the art of ancient cultures and contemplate adding an artifact to either your already existing collection, or to begin a collection of your own.

Phoenix Ancient Art offers antiquities for sale or auction both on-line or in-person which were created as long ago as the 6th millennium BCE from cultures located in the areas surrounding and including the Mediterranean Basin such as but not limited to Greece, Rome, Egypt, Byzantium and the world of Islam.

No need to worry about the authenticity of an object, or overpaying. Over the years Phoenix Ancient Art has developed an impeccable reputation for honesty, and this reputation will be passed on to all purchases made on-line.

Alexander Gherardi, president of e-tiquities, explains how e-tiquities simplifies entrance into the world of collecting antiquities:

“Many people are intimidated by the thought of purchasing antiquities. They fear buying something that is inauthentic, illegally acquired or overpriced. E-tiquities.com eliminates this anxiety. Our researchers have worked to make e-tiquities an educational site as well as an accessible way to collect elegant, guaranteed authentic antiquities. It is truly an innovation in the field.”