Black Chlorite Mythological Figure at Phoenix Ancient Art

Narbemann:Black Chlorite Demon
Narbemann:Black Chlorite Demon

Having developed an impeccable reputation as ancient art dealers, the Aboutaam brothers, Ali and Hicham, of Phoenix Ancient Art, can be depended upon to acquire extraordinary works of art of high historical and artistic value.

Among the Aboutaams’ many offerings is a significant figure from circa 2200 B.C.E. of black chlorite believed to represent a Near Eastern demon known as the Narbemann, or “scarred man.”

Although the demon is frequently represented as a scaly man with a striking gash on his face, this particular representation is smooth-skinned. The tell-tale scar is present on the right side where the original ivory inlay is still complete clearly signifying that this is a representation of more than four thousand years old of the Narbemann.

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