Phoenix Ancient Art in New York

Phoenix Ancient Art will be participating this coming October in the annual International Fine Art and Antique Dealers Show.  Organized by Haughton International Fairs, it  is the longest running of its shows in New York city and  a prestigious event for anyone interested  in antiques.  The fair is recognized throughout the world as a “premier showcase for exceptional quality works of art from antiquity to the present day.”   To be featured at this event is a mark of honor for antique dealers such as Hicham and Ali Aboutaam from Phoenix Ancient Art.

Antiques from the Dark Ages

If you want to acquire something truly unusual, consider purchasing a piece from the Dark Ages, a term widely used to the early part of the Middle Ages, from the fall of Rome in 476 AD to around the year 1000 AD. The art from this period includes many items such as illuminated manuscripts, lovely and detailed embroidery and metalwork. Phoenix Ancient Art owned by Hicham and Ali Aboutaam, offer antiques of this period. In the New York gallery now is a mid-6th century Merovingian earring in pristine condition. It is made of a large gold cube bead inlaid with garnets.

A Greek Philosopher is Admired by Romans


A Roman marble bust of the Greek philosopher Plato (427-347 BCE) has several characteristics that date its composition to at least the second half of the second century. Yet, the sculptor’s renditions of the philosopher’s beard and mustache are in the style of the Greek Classical Period (5th-4th century BCE). Perhaps the bust is a copy of an earlier Greek version? What we do know for certain is that the Romans loved to keep portraits of the great Greek philosophers in their libraries, where scrolls of the writings of Plato and Aristotle were housed.

The 26 cm. (10.2 inch) sculpture is currently on view and for sale at Phoenix Ancient Art. Like many of the works to be found in the gallery, it evokes a sense of the time in which it was made. Hicham and Ali Aboutaam, the owners of Phoenix Ancient Art, like the educational aspect as well as the beauty of antiquities. In this superb bust we can learn a bit about the culture of the Romans of the second century.

Old Art: New Money

Many investors who look for ways to diversify their portfolios are investing in art and antiques. Hicham Aboutaam, owner of Phoenix Ancient Art, says that buying ancient art is one way of expanding one’s financial horizons without necessarily breaking the bank. Click on the link above to listen to his interview on Bloomberg, during which he talks about the joy of collecting antiquities and how the increasing scarcity of Classical Antiquities makes them valued assets.

Association Pour L’art En Vielle Ville – AW. Features Phoenix Ancient Art

Cycladic Goddess
Cycladic Goddess

In late October, 2009, the Old City of Geneva celebrated its [newly revived appearance] with an art show featuring 16 local amidst the regular permanent GENEVA galleries such as Bang and Olufsen, and Michael Castellino, who showed an unknown local Geneva artist by the name of Philippe Jaccard.

The center of the fair was Phoenix Ancient Art on Verdaine Street. Especially prominent in the gallery was the exhibition, “Goddesses”, lovingly exhibited by proprietors Ali and Hicham Aboutaam. A visit to Phoenix Ancient Art can be as enjoyable as a visit to an art museum, with the added bonus of no admission charge.

Some of the ancient art on view at Phoenix is even more marvelous than what is found in many museums. After all, what public institution has anything like this incredible marble statuette from the Cyclades which somehow, by some miracle, is completely intact?

Phoenix Ancient Art Pleased with Sales at International Antiquities Fair

Roman Oinochoe
Roman Oinochoe

Exhibitors were apprehensive before the opening in late October of the prestigious 21st International Fine Art and Antique Dealers Show. They were not sure what to expect in terms of sales this year because of the economic turn down. Anna Haughton, co-organizer of the fair, said after the fair closed that sales had been better this year than in the most recent past. According to Ms. Haughton, “Some dealers have said they’ve seen clients they haven’t seen in two or three years.”

Especially pleased with the sales at the fair, Ali and Hicham Aboutaam of the New York and Geneva branches of Phoenix Ancient Art, described the activity at their booth as “feverish.” The Aboutaams had six different bidders for a unique Roman marble figure of a draped woman dating back to the 1st-2nd century AD. They had strong sales for other pieces as well, , including a 5th century BCE oinochoe (wine jug) head-vase in the shape of the head of Aphrodite, which sold for $300,000, and an early 2nd century AD Roman bust of a matron that sold for $120,000.

Mesopotamia:Birthplace of Civilization

Sumerian Mesopotamian Head
Sumerian Mesopotamian Head

Ancient Mesopotamia was the birthplace of western civilization. At Phoenix Ancient Art one can explore the beauty and culture of that civilization at the dawn of recorded history, some 8,000 years ago, in the part of the world that is now modern day Iraq, part of Syria and Iran. Phoenix Ancient Art has for sale many astoundingly beautiful ancient artworks from the “land between the rivers,” the Tigris and Euphrates, from which Mesopotamia gets its name.

One example is a Sumerian limestone head of a man, dating from the Early Dynastic II-III period of about 2800-2334 B.C.E.. Although the head itself is fragmentary; the left half of the face shows roundedness suggestive of chubbiness, and almond shaped eye-sockets from which the inlaid eyes are missing. The face has arched eyebrows, a short nose with wide nostrils and thin lips, which bear a restrained smile. The head is adorned with wavy hair and a thin hair band is worn across the top.

Gallery Exhibit At Phoenix Ancient Art

The Geneva branch of Phoenix Ancient Art will be opening a new exhibit from October 29 and to extend until November 25, 2009. Ali and Hicham Aboutaam cordially invite you to visit and enjoy:


Divinités Féminines des Civilisations Méditerranéennes

Roughly translated as Goddesses: Feminine Deities of Mediterranean Civilisations.

“The Geneva Gallery is located at 6, rue Verdaine. The Aboutaams hope to see you there.

Phoenix Ancient Art Displays at International Show

Late Roman Bust

Hicham Aboutaam will be representing Phoenix Ancient Art at Phoenix’s booth at the International Fine Art and Antique Dealers Show this autumn. Among the stars of his booth is what the New York Times describes as “a bigger-than-life ancient Roman sculpture of a muscular man’s torso smoothly carved from green basalt anchors the Phoenix Ancient Art booth.”

Other beautiful, rare and unique artworks you will be privileged to see on view include ancient Egyptian sculptures, antique armor and weaponry, jewelry, glassware paintings and much, much more. from the ancient world, antique armor and weaponry, masks from Africa, rugs, jewelry, glassware, clocks, modern paintings as well as old, plus much, much more. When visiting the show, be sure to stop by Phoenix Ancient Art and say hi to Hicham Aboutaam. It will be his pleasure to show you his treasures.

Hicham Aboutaam:Youthfull Collector, Mature Antiquarian

Scarab Beetle Amulet
Scarab Beetle Amulet

Ever since he was a child Hicham Aboutaam was fascinated with antiquities. He was especially enthralled with ancient cylinder seals and scarabs, and to this day Aboutaam is actively acquiring miniature masterpieces for his own personal collection.

Today, as one of the owners of Phoenix Ancient Art, Hicham is constantly on the lookout for remarkable art objects which are not only of great beauty and magnificent workmanship, but also of historical interest.

During his university studies Hicham Aboutaam focused his learning on archeology and art history. Upon finishing university Aboutaam went on to join his father and brother Ali running their successful dealership in antiquities. From that time until today the brothers Aboutaam have been relentlessly building their reputation as ancient art dealers with impeccable taste and exemplary judgment.