Hicham Aboutaam:Youthfull Collector, Mature Antiquarian

Scarab Beetle Amulet
Scarab Beetle Amulet

Ever since he was a child Hicham Aboutaam was fascinated with antiquities. He was especially enthralled with ancient cylinder seals and scarabs, and to this day Aboutaam is actively acquiring miniature masterpieces for his own personal collection.

Today, as one of the owners of Phoenix Ancient Art, Hicham is constantly on the lookout for remarkable art objects which are not only of great beauty and magnificent workmanship, but also of historical interest.

During his university studies Hicham Aboutaam focused his learning on archeology and art history. Upon finishing university Aboutaam went on to join his father and brother Ali running their successful dealership in antiquities. From that time until today the brothers Aboutaam have been relentlessly building their reputation as ancient art dealers with impeccable taste and exemplary judgment.

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