Hicham Aboutaam’s Dream Becomes Virtual Reality

Bringing ancient art to the widest possible range of people has been one of Hicham Aboutaama??s dreams.

Glass Amphoriskos
Glass Amphoriskos

Now, with the lauching of e-tiquities, Hichama??s dream is virtually coming true. As of May 1st, 2009 anyone with internet access and a desire to enter the world of rare and beautiful antiquities can easily bring his desire to fruition.

Whether your interest is in an antiquities auction or in antiquities for sale, both can be achieved at e-tiquities. Ranging in price from only $500 to $25,000, there is something available to just about anyone on this on-line gallery/auction house.

E-tiquities is the virtual version of the very real and quite well known gallery Phoenix Ancient Art. Located in two central locales, New York City and Geneva, Phoenix Ancient Art is one of the worlda??s most respected and reliable outlets for beautiful and rare antiquities. Hicham Aboutaam, co-owner with his brother Ali, explains some of his goals for e-tiquities:

“In launching e-tiquities by Phoenix Ancient Art, we hope both to introduce a new audience to the cultures of the ancient world, and to give our existing clients an easy way to expand their collections. One of the things which makes Phoenix Ancient Art special in our field is the guarantee of authenticity that we provide to our clients, whether they buy works in our galleries or on our new website. Over the years, we’ve developed procedures to establish provenance (chain of ownership) to ensure that our pieces are both authentic and on the market in accordance with international law.”