Padua flies on 18-10, but then it is the turn batting Skrimov to give breath to the Calabrian (18-13), but it is a flash in the pan.

Closes the match a service out of Zaytsev (Valeria Benedetti) Atanasiejvic Latin-attack Ravenna 2-3 (25-17, 19-25, 27-25, 21-25, 12-15) – Defeated painless for the Top Volley parquet friend of Cisterna Palasport. For pontine a point, however, important that ever closer Slim and companions to salvation.

Ravenna pirate with Rychlicki mvp. spectacular race between two teams who live moments of opposite form: Latin veteran of the fundamental victory of Vibo Valentia, Ravenna that comes from bad home defeat against Verona (this season for the Giallorossi sextet performance far from brilliant away with two wins and well 8 losses). At home biancoblu Baron Parodi and start from the beginning, with Gitto and Ngapeth ready to take over; among the ranks of Emilia technical Graziosi relies on Rychlicki Luxembourg and the two former Verhees and Saitta.

Regna balance in the early stages of the race, then the inertia of the set moves soon in favor of the hosts who maintain without too many problems five lengths ahead. The excellent Thin Director and a decidedly inspired Baron 20-15 lead on biancoblu. Rychlicki tries to keep her alive, but it is a flash in the pan because the Tubertini men have to pull the victory of the set that arrives in 22 minutes with a 25-17 (68% attack) that does not allow discussions.

In the second part of the partial well Ravenna, but the pontine implementing the overtaking (5-4) thanks to Thin captain. Controsorpasso Ravenna through precise crushed Raffaelli. The emiliani are confident at this stage of the match and put themselves ahead +3: their game is certainly more fluid and within minutes took the lead 21-16.

The sextet Graziosi closes about their favor thanks to the set point of Saitta (25-19). The game is also lively in the third period with strong party that Ravenna (6-4) thanks to the rimmed Rychlicki (10 points at the end set); Tubertini sees his side under pressure and is forced to call time out on the winning Russian wall that takes guests on +5. Reaction Latina that is reported below and stubbornly comes to an equalizer with Parodi (20-20).

Enter Gavenda and signature overtaking for the hosts (22-21). The final set is fought and exciting, if he wins the Top Volley benefits thanks to the decisive dunk Palacios (27-25). Part better Graziosi sextet in the fourth set, dragged by a Rychlicki in a great day and well assisted by Saitta (12-8). The entry into the field of Ngapeth shall not have the desired effect, the Emiliani in this part have more and it is clear: the scoreboard says 19-13.

The broadside of Rychlicki sends all the tie-break. In the last act of the race we are still guests to a better start (8-4), but the Top Volley still has the strength to take the match (10-10). The decisive cue is, however, of Ravenna taking home the victory with the decisive point of the former Verhees. (Diego Rocci) HL Superlega: Padua a shot from Super League playoffs The HL: Ravenna won the tiebreak HL Superlega: Monza privateer in Sora HL Superlega: Monza privateer in Sora sora-Monza 0-3 (22- 25, 19-25, 19-25) – the True volley Monza takes revenge with interest on Globo Sora and storm the field of Lazio 3-0 avenging of going home defeat.

In just over an hour and a quarter of the race, the Brianza got rid of the owners, who were really into the game in the first set and in the early stages of the two rhyming. Devastating especially the wall of brianzoli, able for as many as 19 times in the three sets of intercept with the point of local attacks, which, by their par were deficient even and especially in this fundamental, being the remaining two Sorani walls.

An attack ticked that of Laziali with either the reference Petkovic hammer stayed away from his standard, achieving 19 points but with just 19% of offensive efficiency. Guests instead found an excellent choral day, with four players in double figures and points to the wall well coated, a sign of the difficulties of Lazio to take the action to the opposing team in the match.

Ua Vero Volley who gets a crucial victory in achieving the playoffs, while Sora things change little in the lower areas of the standings, the margin remaining unchanged against the direct follower Siena. The first set starts with a substantial balance with Sora on until half time. Then the wall of the opponent and Yosifov cues and Dzavoronok allowed to Monza to engage and overcome Lazio, with Plotnytskji (best scorer with 22 points of the match), in deadly offensive phase.

Monza closed the first set at 25-22 and started well the second game in which Sora could not contain the true Volley escape. This accelerated until the mid part with the men of Fabio Suns, former coach of the moment, that closed in fluency on 25-19.

More fought third set, with a heads up that winds up to two-thirds of the game when Monza with the usual sprint annihilated opponents closing easy. (Alessandro Biagi) Torres a win playoff Padova-Vibo Valentia 3-0 (25-16, 25-22, 25-15) – Padova puts the farm three heavy points for the playoffs with surpassing ease a Vibo, in the game only the second set. A clear victory, never questioned, with the concrete Baldwin team and little Fallosa in all fundamental.

Daniele Bagnoli, making his debut on the bench of Calabria, is a team that is wrong too (point 22 errors in three sets) and too soft to think of embarrassing this Kioene. Torres and Polo are the best of the Paduan, the only one in double figures for the Callipo and Al Hachdadi but ended with 42 percent in the attack and five point errors. In the stands, the Kioene Arena, also Miryam Silla and Samantha Fabris.

The chronicle. Padua part better in defense and the wall (9-6) with Louati signing the 14-10. An incredible point receiving Barreto on Torres bomb, gives new breath to Vibo (16-14). Travica Polo and join hands to Kioene (22-15) closes an ace Louati. Bagnoli fits Skrimov Barreto and the start is more balanced (4-4).

Cirovic signs the first extension (10-7), but is beaten and Vibo wall and gets back immediately on track and square controbreak dragged from the usual At Hachdadi (12-14). The game is beautiful and balanced (17-17), and the ace Cirovic breaks the balance again (21-17). An invasion of Al Hachdadi gives the 23-19 to Kioene which closes at 25-22 on an error in the Moroccan joke.

Cirovic against the ground three balls in a row the Kioene try now to run away (5-0), with Bagnoli to throw temporarily in the fray to Zhukouski Marsili. The Bianconeri go sull’11-4 on a Skrimov error. Padua flies on 18-10, but then it is the turn batting Skrimov to give breath to the Calabrian (18-13), but it is a flash in the pan.

Closes an ace on Polo 25-15. (Massimo Salmaso) Perugia-castle caves 3-0 (25-22, 25-23, 25-20) – Without Leon, kept on the bench for the entire race by Lorenzo Bernardi seen the problem to the Cuban foot and also to give Canadian space Hoag (6 points and 38% attack), Perugia won sharply with Castellana. Although in truth it was not all easy for Sir Safety, especially in the second set, forced long to chase opponents.

The success online bookmaker reviews allows Umbrian to firmly maintain the primacy in the ranking of the Super League. Bernardi presented in startup De Cecco in the opposite direction and Atanasijevic, Podrascanin and central Ricci, the bruised Hoage Lanza Spiker, Colaci free. Across Vincenzo Di Pinto replied with Falaschi in direction, opposite Zingel, Scopelliti and De Togni at the center, and Wlodarczyk Mirzajanpourmouziraji Spiker, Cavaccini free.

In the first Perugia fraction it has lengthened in the middle phase, without, however, being able to avoid in the final reaction of Puglia Vincenzo Di Pinto (already on the bench of the then Perugia Volley 2008-2010), which are shown below also with the complicity of errors of Sir Safety, which then went to close (25-22) with a Lanza attack. Start-choc in the second fraction for Perugia, which is found immediately below, accumulating up to five lengths of disadvantage (7-12).

With the series of Atanasijevic beats (9 points in the set with an ace and a 64% attack) then there has been the first comeback (11-12), before seeing Castellana Caves lengthen again. Perugia has reached parity on 15-15 (of Podrascanin wall), but the balance has been going on up to 23-23, when then were still Lanza and Podrascanin with a central attack to close (25-23) the set. Easier the third quarter, with Perugia, which has accumulated a margin of five points in the middle and through this has been able to control Castellana Grotte (which still had reassembled until 21-20), with Bernardi who has given space to Seif, Della Long, Galassi and Hoogendoorn.

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