Phoenix Ancient Art and the Neolithic Era

Hicham Abouttam and his brother Ali Aboutaam, joint owners of Phoenix Ancient Art, offer their clients the opportunity to bid for antique arts from the Neolithic Era through to the 14th century.A? Otherwise known as the New Stone Age, this was a time when human technology was in its early developmental stages.A? It followed the Holocene Epipalaeolithic Age which led to the Neolithic Revolution.A? The Neolithic Era more accurately describes a certain set of cultures and behavior traits, as opposed to a specific historical time and thus antique art is an example of this Era.

E-Tiquities and Art Collectors

For anyone who has an eye and a heart for antiques, Phoenix Ancient Art, working with its online partner e-Tiquities, would be a good place to start.A? The Abouttama??s sell both a??rare and exquisite works of art from ancient civilizationsa?? spanning many centuries, that make an antique collectora??s dreams come true.A? At their e-Tiquities site, one will find pieces from many eras, including the following:A? Anatolian, Byzantine, Cypriot, Dark Age, Egyptian, Geometric and Orientalizing Greek, Hellenistic, Islamic, Mesopotamian, Persian, Roman, Sardinian, and Syrian.