Phoenix Ancient Art Background with Ali Aboutaam & Hicham Aboutaam

Certainly, if you are interested in collecting antiques, or if you are already an antique collector, you have many choices.A? There are many antique dealers today who offer outstanding products and exceptional quality.A? One such dealer is Phoenix Ancient Art.A? They are a second generation Ancient Art company, originally founded in the mid 1960s by the late S. Aboutaam.

Having taken up his passion, Mr. Aboutaama??s sons are, today, the owners of the company.A? Ali Aboutaam and Hicham Aboutaam run and manage both the Geneva gallery and the New York gallery (pictured here).A? Phoenix Ancient Art offers treasures from a large range of locations and time periods.A? Its scope includes Mesopotamia, the Near East, Egypt, Europe, the Balkans, Eurasia, Byzantium, the Steppes, Greece and the Roman Empire.