Hicham Aboutaam’s Phoenix in Geneva

If you find yourself in Geneva, then you have to take the time to visit Phoenix Ancient Art’s gallery in the Old Town at 6 rue Verdaine. (If you live in New York then you can also visit Phoenix in NewYork City, but it is always worthwhile to take in the display in Geneva even if you are a regular at the New York gallery.)
Phoenix Ancient Art, managed by Hicham Aboutaam and his brother Ali, is a world leader in the antiquities field. As leading galleries with tremendous displays on all the ancient cultures and civilizations, Phoenix and Aboutaam have the opportunity of dealing with thousands of years of human history and civilization. Whether you are a first time visitor with no background in ancient art, or whether you are a seasoned professional, Phoenix Ancient will wow you and teach you something about the ancient world. Phoenix Ancient Art and Hicham Aboutaam are top art dealers who specialize in antiquities, and in fact, they are considered the world leaders in antiquity art dealership.

Phoenix Ancient Art hours

Phoenix Ancient Art S.A. operates out of two galleries, in Geneva, managed by Ali Aboutaam, and in New York, managed by Hicham Aboutaam.

Phoenix Ancient Art’s hours of operation are:
a?? Geneva : Mon. – Fri., 10:30 am to 6:30pm, Sat. – by appointment
a?? New York: Mon. – Fri., 9:30 am to 5:30pm, Sat. – by appointment

Who is Hicham Aboutaam?

Phoenix Ancient Art (formally incorporated in 1995) is a 2nd generation Ancient Art business run by the Aboutaam family. Founded in 1968 by the late S. Aboutaam, growing from a private gallery only offering private showings, to a major antiquities house that opened its doors to the public and to great successes. Ali and Hicham Aboutaam, S. Aboutaam’s sons, grew up breathing the the antiquities trade, and it was only natural that they would take over the business. In 1998 they stepped into their father’s shoes, and Hicham Aboutaam and his team manage the New York City gallery, while Ali manages the Geneva gallery.