Hicham Aboutaam and South Arabian Art History

The South Arabian people (more commonly known as the Sabaeans), resided in the south west portion of the Arabian Peninsula , the place we know today as Yemen.A?A?A? TheyA?have been A?linked to the biblical kingdom of Sheba.A? Maa??rib, the capital of the ancient Sabaean Kingdom, A?was conquered in the late 3rd century by the Himyarites.A? There were various different regional kingdoms belonging to the Sabaeans throughout ancient Yemen and all were active in the spice trade, with a special emphasis on myrrh and frankincense.A?A? The best known South Arabian art is their distinctive sculpture. .A? They wereA?very often carved in alabaster, and some of these are sold by Hicham Aboutaam at Phoenix Ancient Art.A? Currently on sale in this collection is a South Arabian Stone Head for $8,500.