Understanding Greek Culture Through Antiques

One way of understanding ancient Greek culture and history A?is by taking a look at the artwork from the time.A? Pottery from ancient Greece has helped many people form a basicA?understanding A?of the place, people and culture.A? Indeed, it has been said that such pottery a??paints a portrait of the world of ancient Greece.a??A? At Phoenix Ancient Art, Hicham Aboutaam has a few impressive pieces from this time on sale, A?including a core-formed glass AmphoriskosA?priced atA?$6,500, A?which probably at the time contained some kind of perfume.A? From this piece one can learn a bit about the history of antiques in general, sinceA?the practice of using A?finely produced glass vessels for valuable commoditiesA? started in the late Bronze Age and was later revived in Mesopotamia in the early Iron Age.